Important Reminder that Endodontists Remain Open for Emergencies

New York Endodontist 9 News 9 Important Reminder that Endodontists Remain Open for Emergencies

As many hospital rooms see high patient numbers, endodontist offices remain open for dental emergencies as well as for those affected by serious tooth pain or other oral health related emergencies. In such cases, these emergencies can be helped with endodontic treatment.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and emergency rooms are experiencing high numbers of patients seeking immediate care, this increases the waiting times for patients in need. This also creates shortages for other medical equipment and staff. 

To help reduce the number of ER and Urgent Care admitted patients, it is recommended that patients first contact an endodontist for emergency oral care needs.  If you are experiencing severe dental pain, dental infection symptoms such as bleeding or a dental infection-related fever, please contact New York City Endodontics immediately, we service the areas of Brooklyn, Hoboken, Manhattan, Queens, Jersey City, Fort Lee, and more. 

Endodontists are tooth pain and root canal treatment specialists trained who can diagnose and address issues associated with tooth pain. The endodontists’ role during this period is to help treat tooth pain, manage oral infections, and reduce the immediate need for patients to seek emergency dental or oral healthcare at ER or urgent care locations.

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