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At NYC Endodontics we are committed to making every aspect of your treatment comfortable. From the moment you contact us, you can expect our staff to be professional, compassionate and eager to accommodate you. We are proud of our state of the art office. The doctors at NYC Endodontics have extensive experience as practitioners and educators. We are confident in saying that the treatment we offer is unsurpassed. In addition, we offer Saturday hours.

Highest Level Endodontics
The Highest Level of Endodontics

Endodontic treatments can simply help save natural teeth, preventing the need for options such as dental implants or bridges. If you experience any problems such as fractures or hidden canals, you can find the solution through endodontics. This treatment is also available for addressing damaged tooth surfaces.

Many people are told that they either need an extraction or a surgical procedure, call an apicoectomy to fix a failing root canal. With 3D radiographs and extensive experience in retreatments, additional options are available at our New York City Endodontics office. If you experience a painful bite, severe temperative sensitivity or swelling around your tooth, we are constantly available to provide timely, efficient, and responsive care. One of our foremost priorities rests on having your needs and satisfaction fulfilled.

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Our Doctors

Dr. Scott Resnick
Dr. Scott A. Resnick
Dr. Thomas J. Zicarelli
Dr. Thomas J. Zicarelli
Dr. Randolph Todd
Dr. Randolph Todd
Dr. Jennifer Donelson
Dr. Jennifer Donelson
Dr. Courtney K. Linenberg
Dr. Courtney K. Linenberg

From energy to passion and excellence, our doctors possess a number of attributes that captures what a high-quality endodontic care experience should be about. These qualities are evident whether we are performing an exam or an advanced endodontic procedure. We know you will see the value in the care we provide to our patients.


Our flexible financing and insurance policy makes endodontic care a simplified process.

Patient Safety

We place the comfort of our patients first, ensuring they feel secure as their tooth is being treated.

Patient Education

We inform patients of their options for treating tooth infections and inflammation.

Endodontic Treatment

Our practice is dedicated to serving patients with Endodontic needs and will assist in returning you to your general dentist in a timely manner to have your tooth restored.

Precise Treatment Plans

Providing the most personalized and adaptive experience for each individual patient

Modern Technology

We take pride in having the latest equipment, from digital radiography, and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), to fully digitized record keeping with state of the art encryption. All to ensure that patients enjoy a world class endodontic experience.


I was referred to Dr. Zicarelli for emergency treatment and pain. It was a gratifying experience, everyone there was knowledgeable, kind, and reassuring. The problem was easily diagnosed and they alleviated my pain. Highly recommend this place.

Kevin S.


It doesnt get any better than NYC Endodontics. Dr. Gallin was very easy and gentle to work with. I felt reassured that the treatment was going to make my teeth better.

Carl J.


The team here did an excellent job caring for me and the root canal procedures werent that much of a deal. It was a simple, pain-free process that quickly took care of the infection I had. Happy to refer Dr. Castro and the rest of the team to anyone.

Amanda M.


Dr. Resnick deserves a solid 5 stars. He and the staff over there do their due diligence and provide quite an educational experience. I wouldnt have found this place without being referred by a friend. I was anxious before the visit, but my concerns never really prevented me from enjoying the experience. The root canal was successful and I am very pleased to be smiling as I write this review.

Stephanie C.


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