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Don’t Ignore A Cracked Tooth

Sep 01, 2017

Dental emergencies happen without warning. That’s the thing about emergencies: they emerge out of nowhere. Emergencies with your teeth can happen in a split second, resulting in a cracked, chipped, or even lost tooth.

A cracked tooth should send you running to NYC Endodontics, where a dental professional will have a look. It’s important to get to a dentist (preferably an endodontist) immediately. A crack in a tooth can allow dangerous bacteria free pathways to invade.

Types of Cracks

Cracked Tooth — This type of tooth crack extends from the tooth’s chewing surface, vertically towards the root. A crack can even extend below the gum line in more problematic cases. Pulp can become irritated, even permanently damaged. A root canal could be in order.

Fractured Cusp — Weakened or vulnerable cusps of the tooth may eventually lead to fractures. The cusp breaks off or is removed by the dentist.

Split Tooth — When a cracked tooth is left untreated, a split tooth can often result. A split tooth is characterized as a crack with two distinct segments. Endodontic treatment can only save a portion of the natural tooth.

Vertical Root Fracture — A vertical root fracture starts at the root, progressing along the tooth’s chewing surface. There are no noticeable symptoms, making vertical root fractures easy to ignore or disregard. Endodontic procedures will save these sorts of fractures, but it is likely that only a portion of the tooth can be saved. In more advanced and problematic cases, the entire tooth may require extraction.

Don’t Let it Go Untreated!

An untreated cracked tooth can give way to sensitivity, decay and even tooth loss. But there are some ways that you can adjust your diet and daily habits to help you avoid situations, habits, and behaviors that put you at increased risk for dental injuries. Below are some pointers you can incorporate today.

Protect Yourself

Most dental traumas include damage due to sports injuries, falls, accidents, or even something as simple as chewing on hard objects or foods (like an almond, for instance). Refrain from chewing on ice or other hard objects. Avoid using your teeth to open bottles or any sort of packaging. Protect your face and mouth as much as you’re able if you fall. Athletes should always use a mouthguard. Whenever an accident or dental injury occurs, it’s important to see an endodontist near you for any emergencies.

Consider Your Fillings

Fillings can break and chip fairly easily, which exposes remaining tooth structure, contributing to further tooth and gum tissue breakdown. Age and location of prior dental work should always be considered and monitored, as it plays a significant role in damaged teeth.

Keep Your Routine Check-Ups

Keeping your bi-annual routine dental checkups will help identify small cracks which can be more easily fixed the earlier we spot them. We can prevent minor situations from developing into costly, cumbersome dental problems down the road.

Keep Your Teeth Strong

Your tooth enamel is a very hard substance, but it can still be eroded or damaged. Bad habits like soda drinking, eating foods laced with sugar, brushing too hard or too forcefully, and chewing on your fingernails can compromise your enamel. Brush with toothpaste that contains fluoride, keep to your regular flossing routine, and talk to your doctor about ways to increase your calcium and vitamin D intake.

We hope that some of these pointers help. Take care of your teeth and they will certainly take care of you. Stay up on your oral health for the long haul with NYC Endodontics.