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Do You Have A Cracked Tooth?

May 06, 2016

You may know that crunching on hard items such as popcorn kernels, ice, or even non-food items can cause your teeth to crack. What you may not know is that you could already have a cracked tooth and not even know it. If youre picturing a huge fissure, similar to the canyons that appear in a cartoons earthquake scene, often times it is difficult for patients to tell that they have a cracked tooth at all.

If you can see the damage, or feel part of your tooth as loose or damaged, it is clear what the problem is. In other cases, it may require an examination with a dental professional to detect the problem. Even a tiny crack, invisible to the naked eye, can cause serious problems. Digital x-rays, microscope examination, and fiberoptic transillumination can all reveal what you may not even know is there.

It is important that a cracked tooth be treated immediately. These cracks are a prime entry point for bacteria to attack the sensitive pulp of your teeth. Infected teeth will need a root canal in order to survive and stay in your mouth. They can also become more severe with continued pressure, creating the need for more extensive and complex treatment.

Indicators of a Cracked Tooth

Any kind of toothache is a warning, and should be immediately addressed. Some common indicators of a cracked tooth include:

Ongoing pain in a single tooth: This could be a constant dull ache or a sharp pain. It may only be present when you bite down or could be a constant nuisance.

Temperature sensitivity: The crack leaves the dentin and pulp vulnerable to outside stimulus, making hot and cold sensations much more acute. This can cause a swift, short pain upon exposure. It can even be triggered by breathing through your mouth. If the pain lingers for more than a few seconds, the problem could be more acute than you think.

Pain tied to sweet or sour foods: The acidity in these foods can affect the exposed nerves in your tooth. This causes sudden sharp pain. If you think you have a cracked tooth, it is best to avoid these types of foods until the problem can be addressed.
Ignoring a cracked tooth will not make it go away. If you think you are suffering with a cracked tooth, make an appointment with NYC Endo today.