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Fall Toothcare Tips

Oct 01, 2017

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d hit you up with some dental knowledge and some artfully crafty ways that you can protect your teeth during this troublesome time of year for your oral health.

Bad Habits will Turn on You

Are you into sugar? Has it been awhile since your last check-up? Okay, we’ll stop grilling you about your grill. Instead, we’ll try to focus on the positives and bestow a little bit of oral health knowledge to our patients and readership. Just by adjusting a few less-than-ideal habits you may have will go along way towards protecting your teeth.

Oral Health Tips for Trick-or-Treat Season

Here are some tips from NYC Endodontics to you, just a few ways that you can empower and protect yourself from the quiet and not so quiet tooth and gum assassins during Hallow’s Eve.

Keep your scheduled visits with your dentist.

Sticking with your dentist-recommended bi-annual checkups will ensure that you get the guidance and monitoring that you need to achieve a lasting smile. Try to schedule one of your visits around the fall season just to make sure you and your dentist stay on top of any issues.

If you have an injury or tooth pain, call NYC Endodontics.

Don’t let tooth problems go untreated. If you eat some rock candy and chip your tooth or chew on a piece of taffy and dislodge your amalgam filling, then schedule an appointment with us and we’ll set the matter straight. We can end up saving you money (not to mention teeth) down the road.

Avoid hard and chewy candies. Avoid sugar as much as possible.

Eating sugar-loaded candy will do serious damage to your teeth. Many candies have harmful acids that will eat away at tooth enamel, attacking your tooth and gum tissue. At the very least, brush your teeth after you eat anything with sugar or acid. Steer clear of hard foods like chocolate-covered almonds or peanut brittle. If you must, stick with sliced almonds or crushed walnuts.

Keep a Disposable Brush Handy

You might have some work parties and Halloween parties lined up in the Fall season, but it’s important to stay on top of brushing. The more you snack, the more you should be brushing. Buying a bag of those little disposable toothbrushes and floss kits will go a long way at social functions and even power lunches.

Limit Your Snacking

We know it’s hard, but if you limit your snacking between meals, you can do a lot to protect your teeth. Even eating healthy snacks like blueberries can leave your teeth riddled with harmful sugars and acids. Try at the very least to brush 20 minutes after you snack, that way your mouth has time to process and break down acids that act as abrasives to your tooth’s enamel.

Feeling better about the Fall season? We do, too. If anything about your teeth and gums feels less than 100%, schedule a consultation with NYC Endodontics today.