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Great Ways To Get Rid Of A Stubborn Sweet Tooth

Oct 07, 2016

We know at New York City Endodontics that October has thrust itself upon us and our poor teeth, which (for some) are sure to go through a sugar-packed bare knuckle brawl come the 31st of this month. If you have baby teeth (in which case you’re probably not interested in — or able to read — this blog) then rot on. But, for the rest of us adults who are far too old to go trick or treating, those of us who’ll be tempted to lift candy from the youngsters, we’ll have to come up with some creative methods to restrain ourselves from an all-out sugar binge.

What Excess Sugar Can Do to Your Teeth

There’s a bacteria contained in plaque that feeds on the sugars we all eat and drink, creating acids that eat away the enamel of your teeth, promoting cavities and causing erosion. In extreme cases, severe sugar erosion can result in tooth loss, or extraction of unhealthy and infected teeth. Dental implants and gum surgery can come out of tooth decay. We’re sure all of this scares you more than any prank or freaky Halloween mask.

But since we care about your teeth and your oral health, we’re going to give you some healthier alternatives that can curb your craving for those sweets that plan to go all Michael Myers on your teeth.

First, eat lots of proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and foods from the five major groups. When in doubt, here are some semi-sweet creations that will end up leaving you a whole lot better off and even decrease the need for sweets.

  • Yogurt is a great alternative to candy or sweets, as long as it isn’t one of those crazy flavored yogurts which contain unnecessary sugar. Add a low-to-zero calorie topping (like cinnamon) instead. Throw some granola in there if you’re feeling feisty.
  • Frozen grapes are delicious and about 90% more fun and refreshing than regular grapes. They also beat the heck out of candy corn and tootsie rolls — who even likes these candies, anyway?
  • Steel cut oatmeal cookies with dried fruit (raisins being the most popular option) are a delicious and healthy alternative to regular cookies — obviously to candy as well. Add bananas, cashews, walnuts or chia seeds to add some serious firepower to the old standby.

Train your taste buds to appreciate the all-natural sweet things in life. Fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, all make great snacks. You can even treat yourself to some all-natural chocolate here and there in order to splurge. You’ll feel better and your teeth will end up thanking you in the long run.

Of course, if you do experience tooth decay or erosion, you certainly are not alone. Contact NYC Endodontics today for a consultation and we’ll explore your many options to create a beautiful smile.