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Root Canals Are Valuable For Preserving Teeth

Oct 12, 2020

Root canal can help treat a dental infection and alleviate any effects to your oral health. Through a root canal procedure, you will be informed throughout the process. After the procedure, it is recommended to place a dental crown over your treated tooth to protect it and to restore function and appearance. A root canal can be valuable for helping you preserve your teeth over your lifetime.

Whether you need a root canal or any kind of endodontics service in New York, Manhattan, Jersey City, Hoboken, Brooklyn, or Queens, it’s important to find a team who can complement your goals and meet your specific needs. At New York City Endodontics, we provide the highest quality care and make it easier for you to keep your teeth healthy and preserved. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

The team at New York City Endodontics places the utmost pride in offering valuable, long-lasting care for patients. Treating dental conditions and preserving teeth are among our primary goals. As part of our core specialties, root canal is one of the most important solutions you have to preserve and maintain healthy teeth.

Located underneath the outermost tooth layer is the dental pulp. If decay or injury affects a tooth, then bacteria can enter and infect the dental pulp. You may experience symptoms such as toothaches when this occurs. If these symptoms occur, then it is important to contact our office immediately. We can promptly and accurately examine your teeth, gums and their supporting bone structure to determine if a root canal is needed.