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Sports With The Most Mouth Injuries

Jan 20, 2017

We’d hate to be the whistleblower over here at New York City Endodontics, but we just wanted to talk about the most common activities and sports where participants experience mouth and dental injuries. Sure, most sports are prone to injury, which is why gamers in Vegas are constantly rubbing their heads and losing lots of money in sports betting. But there are particular sports that have a special propensity to mouth injuries.

Sports with Common Mouth Injuries

  • Hockey. The stereotypes are true. That fast-flying puck gets launched a hundred miles an hour, and those wrist shots and slap shots can get up there. Many hockey players refuse to wear protective masks to increase their machismo factor. Some of these guys will even willingly take a slapshot to the face in order to obstruct a goal. Talk about dedication!
  • Skateboarding. Skateboarding is one of the most difficult sports around. It requires intense focus, balance, and fearlessness. Its very nature makes participants prone to injury. Don’t get us started with the half pipes and the handrails. You can even catch one of those sniper rocks and end up losing a few of your pearly whites in the process.
  • Basketball. The more players advance in the game of basketball, the more physical it tends to get. Basketball tends to be forgotten about when the conversation turns to the physical aspect of sports, but a lot of the game is about positioning, about standing your ground and contesting a shot inside the paint, which can involve taking an elbow to the face. It’s not uncommon for a competitive basketball player to lose a tooth. Talk to your dentist, I’m sure he’s had a baller in his office in the past month or so.
  • Baseball. It’s no secret that baseball has its fair share of dental emergencies, the most common being a player taking a line drive to the dome. Playing hardball can have some heavy consequences, considering only the batters get to wear helmets — pitchers didn’t seem to want to wear those big padded hats, either.

We want to encourage you to play hard out there, but to also play safe. We don’t want to have you in here getting a cracked tooth fixed or anything like that. But if something does happen, we’re here to take care of you at New York City Endodontics.