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Taking Care Of Your Teeth During The Holiday Season

Dec 20, 2016

With the upcoming holiday season bringing Thanksgiving and Christmas (as well as all the heightened eating and copious amounts of dessert being had) we at New York City Endodontics thought it might be a good idea to go over some ways to protect your teeth. The potential for decay runs rampant as many of the foods and beverages at these events are laced with sugar, which is what the bacteria found in plaque feeds off of, which creates acid in as quick as 20 seconds, lasting nearly 30 minutes. These acids will eat away at your tooth enamel over time. Highly acidic environments promote cavity development.

Tooth Care Tips for the Holidays

Here are some quick tips to make sure that you get the most out of your holiday season, so you can spend this season with your loved ones, rather than be lying in your dentist’s office.

  • Stick with your solid dental routine no matter what. You already have your healthy habits that you’ve learned from your dentist and cultivated over the years. Make sure you stick to it. Brush your teeth twice daily, minutes each time. Keep your mouth happy by staying on top of cleanings. After every meal and snack would be ideal. If you can manage, carry around those tiny toothpicks with the toothbrushes on the other side. They’re very handy!
  • Stick with the veggies. Go for celery and carrots and splurge with the ranch dip instead of submitting to harmful sugars that can promote cavities and enamel decay. Cookies, cake, pies and all the little sweets in between are going to be downright tempting. But you’ll be thanking yourself if you go with the healthy snacks and treats. Your body will help you. You’ll also feel amazing!
  • Drink plenty of water. It’s important to stay hydrated at all times anyway, but beyond this fact, instead of drinking sugary sodas or sports drinks, drink tap water. Your tap water is likely fluoridated, which will help keep your teeth strong and healthy.
  • Protect yourself. Wintertime means indoor sports or that classic Thanksgiving football game that you play at a nearby park with your family and friends. Wear a mouthguard to protect those pearly whites, so you don’t end up looking like you played in the NHL.
  • Stick to your routine check-ups. Make sure that you stick with the plan that your dentist comes up with for you. Don’t skip those routine visits because the holiday season has you on overdrive.

Of course, we’d love it if everybody stayed healthy out there at all times. But if you feel that you’re in need of an experienced Endodontist in New York City, then Contact New York City Endodontics today.