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Ways To Practice Preventive Dentistry

Mar 15, 2017

The ultimate aim of preventive dentistry is to practice safe and healthy habits for your teeth. This will ensure the long term function and aesthetic value of your teeth and gums for years and years to come. Preventive dentistry will help spare you from illnesses, increasing your general overall health, helping you to avoid costly procedures down the road.
One sobering fact is that if you have bad dental habits now, they will most certainly come back to haunt you as you advance in age. Our ultimate goal at NYC Endodontics is to ensure the overall health and luster of your original teeth. Below, we will go over some ways that you can take special care of your teeth and gums in order to avoid painstaking procedures down the road. If you do require procedures like a root canal, cracked teeth repair, or any other endodontics-related procedure, NYC Endodontics is here to provide specialized treatment that will help fortify your teeth to give you lasting comfort and functionality.

Brush and Floss Regularly

First, start with developing good brushing and flossing routine, making sure to do this at least twice a day. Preferably, you should brush and floss after every meal. Your brushing and flossing habits are the foundation of your oral health. If you can, spring for electronic brushes. Don’t brush hard, brush often; it’s better for your gums. Try to focus on tartar control as much as you do with whitening when choosing your toothpaste.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Next, eating a balanced diet can do wonders for your oral and overall health. It’s pretty amazing what good foods can do to fuel your body, your mind, and make you feel great in the process. Just because the saying is old doesn’t make it any less true: you are what you eat. Balancing carbohydrates, protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals, fiber, it all goes into helping to fight against tooth decay and gum disease among other physical maladies. Make sure that you limit your snacking between main meals, because that can have an adverse effect on your teeth, especially sugars which turn into acids that facilitate tooth decay. If you snack or eat multiple smaller meals during the day, make sure you pack a toothbrush.

Staying away from smoking can also help aid you in living a life of good oral health. Smoking can harm tooth color and lead to even more serious health problems like oral cancer.

Visit Your Dentist for Checkups

Making sure that you see your general dentist twice annually also helps a lot in monitoring oral health. Your dentist will be able to assess your brushing habits, provide new information and suggestions, and catch problems early, before they become crises. If you’re in need of endodontics expertise, make sure you schedule your appointment with NYC Endodontics.

Sealants can often play an important role in preventive dentistry. Ask your dentist about sealants, which will help close natural pits, fissures, and crevices in your teeth, places that are hard to reach and clean normally, even with a high-quality toothbrush.

Restoring damaged, broken, or missing teeth is of paramount importance. Dental problems tend to get worse if you ignore them. Ignoring these problems can also have adverse effects for your general health, spreading to vital organs as well as your central nervous system.

NYC Endodontics can help save your natural teeth. We can help aid in preventive dentistry, sparing you the need for less conservative options like dental implants or dental bridges. If you have tooth fractures or hidden canals, we can help you find the ultimate restorative solution through endodontics. Our treatments are also available for treatment of damaged tooth surfaces. Contact NYC Endodontics to learn more today!