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You Really Do Need That Root Canal

Jun 24, 2016

Pain doesn’t always accompany a serious medical condition. While most people realize that they should get medical help if they are suffering from constant pain, it can be harder to figure out what to do when you can’t tell anything is wrong, especially when the discomfort occurs for a long period of time. After all, everyone feels a bit of discomfort from time to time, right?

In reality, that dull twinge when you chew on a candy bar or that flash of pain when you drink a glass of cold water may be the early warning signs of serious trouble for your teeth. Modern dentistry can reveal a lot more about the state of your mouth than you may be able to feel. Even if you do feel something, you may be inclined to think it is less serious than it actually is. Many people believe that if it isn’t completely derailing their ability to function, dental work can be put off.

Get Your Teeth Checked Regularly

If your dentist has referred you to NYC Endo, it means that your tooth or teeth are in very real trouble. Remember that teeth cannot repair themselves. Tooth decay and cracked teeth will only continue to get worse. If you have a damaged and dying nerve, it will not heal itself overnight. In fact, as the condition progresses, you could find yourself dealing with emergency pain seemingly out of nowhere. This is bad enough when you had some idea this might be coming from an earlier dental visit, but even worse when you haven’t even gone to your regular appointments and have no idea this is coming. Keeping up with regular visits to your dentist can help catch problems before they grow out of control.

Leaving these things unchecked can lead to a wide range of serious problems. Beyond suffering excruciating pain, it can also lead to infection, tooth loss, bone loss, abscesses, and other lasting damages. Whether or not you feel pain now, if you don’t get treatment, you will feel the repercussions later. If you are suffering and make an emergency appointment, the damage may be so severe that normal anesthesia cannot fully numb the pain before your procedure. If this happens, we have to control your pain first, which can lead to a longer, more expensive, and more agonizing experience for you.

There are lots of reasons why you might put off getting root canal therapy. You may fear the cost of treatment is too high, worry that the pain of the procedure will be worse than what you’re suffering now, or don’t feel like the situation is serious enough to do anything yet. However, a proactive and preventative treatment is best, and solving oral health issues now can save you a lot of time, money, and grief in the future. If you have any questions about the treatment you need, we’re always happy to help.
We’ll give you any information you need, from details of the procedure to how to work out financing options. Just give us a call.