Dental Pulp: What is it and Why is it Important?

Most people think of their teeth as hard pieces of bone-like material that enable anyone in good oral health to chew effectively, cutting and grinding different types of food. Those who have lost teeth know that they also have a function in pronouncing words clearly–and wearing dentures does not entirely solve that challenge.

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Your To-Do List Before Your Endodontics Appointment

Many people have the wrong impression about what having root canal surgery is: it is commonly mentioned in association with something giving extreme pain, such as, “I’d rather have a root canal than do that.” The truth is, a root canal procedure cleans out the infected canal of a tooth’s root and it actually stops the pain.

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Questions to Ask Before Getting a Root Canal

“I’d rather have a root canal!” is meant to be a joke referring to what is supposed to be the ultimate type of pain. A root canal (aka root canal therapy) is performed to alleviate an infection of a tooth’s root, which itself is painful. But the therapy relieves the pain, it doesn’t cause it.

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Root Canals are Valuable for Preserving Teeth

Root Canals are Valuable for Preserving Teeth

The team at New York City Endodontics places the utmost pride in offering valuable, long-lasting care for patients. Treating dental conditions and preserving teeth are among our primary goals. As part of our core specialties, root canal is one of the most important solutions you have to preserve and maintain healthy teeth.

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Unique Facts About Your Teeth

Teeth are responsible for helping you with your chewing, speaking, and smiling, but what other interesting facts exist about your teeth? Here are more fascinating facts that show why teeth are important and deserve to be taken care of.

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