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July 11, 2018

What to Expect from a Tooth Extraction Procedure

When endodontics cannot be performed to save a tooth, what comes next is a dental extraction procedure, generally. Ideally, our permanent teeth should last throughout our entire adult life. But…

July 8, 2018

A Quick Look At Endodontists And Dentists

Taking care of your teeth is more than just a one-person job, which is why it’s great that there a wide variety of dental professionals with a vast range of…

December 20, 2017

Endodontics and Dental Implants: Two Ways to Save Your Smile

An article from April this year in Dentistry Today highlights some of the changes seen in endodontics over the past twenty years, involving technology that makes endodontic treatments safer, faster,…

November 13, 2017

Holiday Dental Survival Advice from NYC Endodontics

Seems like we were just warning you about the pitfalls of Halloween. Now we’re warning you about the pitfalls of indulging in those traditional holiday mainstays — the candy canes,…

October 1, 2017

Fall Toothcare Tips

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d hit you up with some dental knowledge and some artfully crafty ways that you can protect your teeth during this troublesome…

September 1, 2017

Don’t Ignore a Cracked Tooth

Dental emergencies happen without warning. That’s the thing about emergencies: they emerge out of nowhere. Emergencies with your teeth can happen in a split second, resulting in a cracked, chipped,…

August 10, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Get that Root Canal

The term “root canal” has an unfortunate negative connotation associated with it, a stigma attached to the procedure reinforced by movies, television, and largely exaggerated by the media. Many folks…

August 7, 2017

Why You Need to Floss

A lot of people don’t like flossing, and it shows in the data. According to a recent study, over one third of the country says that they never floss. Some…

July 17, 2017

Should I Get a Root Canal or Extraction?

Can The Tooth Be Saved? When your tooth experiences damage, becomes diseased, has dead pulp, but is still healthy enough to exist in your mouth, a root canal can help…

June 16, 2017

Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy During the Summer

Summer is here, and that means sunny skies, day camps, and wild schedules for your family. It also means a whole new set of challenges to getting your kids to…